The former sports ground known as Petters Sports Field is to the north-east of Egham town centre, in the area now bisected by the M25 motorway. Between August 1976 and September 1977 there were two digs on the site which uncovered evidence of settlement on the site over many hundreds of years.

Earliest evidence dates back to the Neolithic age, although there was only one dateable find from this period – a sherd of pottery. However, the most important finds were from the Late Bronze Age and Early Iron Age.

During the excavation 24 flints were discovered as well as a Later Bronze Age hoard of 78 pieces of bronze including weaponry, tools and vessels. It seems likely that there was an important work shop on the site, certainly metalwork was an important activity in the are during the period. The excavation of many postholes are possible evidence of up to 6 circular huts on the sites. Burnt gravel found at the centre of one of the huts probably marks where the hearth would have been situated.

Settlement continued in the area after the Bronze Age with evidence of a Romano-British ditch. Although Roman finds were limited, those which were uncovered date from the latter half of the 1st century AD, including a military bronze harness mount. Other finds include 2 Roman coins (Vespasian and Constantine) and pottery dating from AD 60-85.

Occupation of the site continued after the Romans left Britain, and a Medieval ditch was excavated with pottery finds dating from 12th century.