Keith Moon

Keith Moon

Keith Moon was born in Wembley, London on 23 August 1946. At the age of 12, he joined his local Sea Cadet Corps where he was soon promoted from bugle player to drummer. By the time he was 17, he had secured a place with the band, The Detours, who were later to become The Who.

The Who were to give a voice to the new rebellious generation, disillusioned both by the establishment and the so-called ‘Swinging Sixties’. Their first major hit, ‘I can’t explain’ came out in 1965 and fame, money and notoriety followed shortly after. It wasn’t long before a gig was only deemed a success if the whole band had destroyed their instruments by the end! The band appeared to be unstoppable, with hit albums such as ‘Tommy’ (1969) and ‘Quadrophenia’ (1973), confirming their legendary status in rock history.

In 1971, Moon bought Tara House, the unusual pyramid-shaped building on St Anne’s Hill. For four years he became Chertsey’s most outrageous resident, living here with his wife and daughter until 1975. His adventures included the police being called several times during his riotous house-warming party, he once drove his Rolls-Royce into his swimming pool and he purchased a milk float to go shopping in Chertsey.

During the 1970’s, having been involved in two films, The Who poured £2 million into a scheme to build a filming and recording complex at Shepperton Studios. Following the break up of his marriage, Moon returned to London, where he lived with his girlfriend.

He died in July 1978, following an overdose of the drug intended to combat his drinking problem. Shortly before his death, he was quoted saying, “I know I’ve had about 78 lives already. I never think about my mortality. Immortality I consider.”