Agnew Nicholson

Agnew Nicholson was the son of a ship’s broker, born in Greenwich, London in 1876. He was educated at the Annan and Dumfries Academies and qualified as a chemist, before enlisting for service in the Boer War. On his return in 1901, Agnew bought the chemists business in Chertsey, on the corner of Guildford Street and London Street, where he worked until his retirement in 1950.

Mr. Nicholson was a popular character in Chertsey, and was almost the `family doctor’ to many older inhabitants, dispensing advice and his own lines in medicines. His `Tussoline’ cough syrup was regarded as having no equal by many, and it was said at one time that half the infants in Chertsey were brought up on Nicholson’s patented powdered milk formula.

After 50 years service as the foremost chemist in Chertsey, Agnew retired , and he and his wife moved to 164 Eastworth Road, where they remained until their deaths in the 1960’s. The chemist shop, a familiar Chertsey landmark, continued business until 1986 when it was finally demolished.