When the Blériot aircraft factory in Addlestone closed in 1925, the premises were taken over by Weymann Coachworks who built motor vehicle bodies. In the first year of operation they built seven buses; expanding up to 1,000 in 1949.

By the 1930s Weymann’s were making double-decker type buses, and went on to produce Olympic single deck buses as well as the RT3 bus. At this time the Green Line Garage opened on the Weymann’s site, but eventually moved to Station Road.

During the Second World War production, which had already been expanded to make vehicle bodies for ambulances, lorries, cabs and prison vans, further diversified to manufacture troop carriers.

After 1945 bus production continued, but on a much lesser scale: only 289 bus bodies were made in 1961. That same year the factory was burnt down, resulting in the loss of many jobs. Although the company moved in to temporary buildings Weymann’s never fully recovered. A 21 week strike in 1964 further sealed its fate, and the following year it was announced that the factory would be closed early in 1966. The site was bought by Brixton Estates Ltd. in 1966, and later in 1967 by Plessy Radar who remained there until 1984.