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Fort Belvedere, Shrubbs Hill, Windsor Great Park

A belvedere (a small pavilion or tower on top of a building) was first built on Shrubbs Hill, Windsor Great Park, in 1750. It was intended as a viewpoint from which to observe the picturesque landscaped gardens and lake. During

Holloway Sanatorium

Thomas Holloway became interested in the prospect of building a sanatorium after attending a public meeting at which Lord Shaftsbury attempted to raise £5000 for a ‘middle-class’  asylum. Thomas Holloway was ‘a champion of progressive mental health care……’ and in

Virginia Water Lake and Windsor Great Park

Virginia Water lake is a large man-made expanse of water in the south-western part of Windsor Great Park.  It was dug in the early 1750s by damming the river Bourne (also known as the Virginia River). There is some evidence