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Egham Races

It is likely that the first horse race in the Borough took place in Englefield Green in 1729, listed in the Racing Calendar of that year, as a ‘horse match’. This horse match took place over a number of heats

Great Fosters

The site of Great Fosters was originally within Windsor Forest, and there is evidence that the area has been occupied since the early Saxon period. A ‘U’ shaped moat, still a feature of the garden, has been dated to 500AD.

Manor Farm, Egham

Manor Farm is situated on Manor Farm Lane in Egham. It is a very ancient building with substantial sections dating back to the late 16th century, and the site of some remarkable examples of decorated plasterwork. It is a two-storey

Milton Park

As one of three estates created under the tenancy to Chertsey Abbey, Milton Park was held by the Milton, or de Middleton, family from the year 1068 who continued to live there for over 450 years.  The house has stood

Petters Sports Field

The former sports ground known as Petters Sports Field is to the north-east of Egham town centre, in the area now bisected by the M25 motorway. Between August 1976 and September 1977 there were two digs on the site which

St. Paul’s Egham Hythe

In 1885 the railway system became more developed in the Egham Hythe area, resulting in a massive expansion in agriculture, industry and housing. As a result, after the First World War, it was decided that a church was needed for

The Commonwealth Air Forces Memorial, Runnymede

This memorial was erected to commemorate the 20,455 Second World War airmen who were lost during the during operations from bases in the United Kingdom and North West Europe and who have no known grave. It is situated on Cooper’s

The John F. Kennedy Memorial

This memorial is situated in three acres of meadow and woodland, opposite Magna Carta Island, Runnymede, Egham. It was erected to honour the memory of President John F. Kennedy who was assassinated in 1963. Designed by the architect G.A. Jellicoe

The Magna Carta Memorial, Runnymede

This memorial is to commemorate the sealing of the Magna Carta at Runnymede meadows, Egham on the 15th June 1215. The Magna Carta is seen by many to have been the corner stone of the Common Law of England, and