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Abbey Tiles

Chertsey is most famous today for its outstanding medieval tiles, made on site to re-floor the Abbey church in the later 13th century. These tiles were found in July 1996 at the corner of Colonels Lane next to the Abbey …

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Bronze Age shield

Bronze Age Shield, Thorpe In the mid 1960s Sidney Oliver acquired 5 bronze objects reportedly found in the gravel pits at Mixnam’s Gravel Pit, Thorpe.  Bronze Age shields are rare and valuable objects. It took skilled workmanship to create them, …

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Celtic shield

Chertsey (Celtic) Shield The Celtic or Chertsey Shield, as it is more commonly known, was discovered in December 1985 by Mr. D. Blake who was working at the gravel pit at Abbey Meads, Chertsey. The shield was taken to the …

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Magna Carta

Magna Carta, or Great Charter, is venerated across the world as the great document of civil rights, ensuring that unjust rule is not permitted. Today the most well known clauses of Magna Carta are clauses 39 and 40: No free …

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Socketed Axe-head

In September 1985 a remarkable group of objects were uncovered by two workers at the Charlton gravel pit on the Shepperton Ranges. One of the workers, Mr. Joseph Jakubowski, rescued an axe-head and a Celtic sword from the bucket of …

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The Viking Sword

The magnificent Viking sword was made in the Rhinelands of Germany for export to Scandinavia. This type of sword was greatly prized by the Vikings. It was designed as a slashing weapon to be held in one hand and has …

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