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Egham Public House, Inns & Taverns

Anne Boleyn The Hythe Known as The Old Bridge House, this was a family home until 1927. Anglers’ Rest Runnymede The pub probably dated from about 1856, and the building may have contained parts of the previous structure on the

Englefield Green Public House, Inns & Taverns

Armstrong Gun Victoria Street Named after a successful breech-loading weapon perfected by William Armstrong in 1859, this pub was in private ownership until bought by Ashby’s Staines Brewery in 1904. Barley Mow Barley Mow Road Dating from the early 18th


Lagonda Ltd. was the brain child of American-born Wilbur Gunn. Gunn moved to England in 1891 to set up a branch of his brother-in-law’s Lagonda manufacturing company, which made steam engine equipment. Instead he turned his attention to the manufacturing

Royal Holloway College, Englefield Green

Royal Holloway College was founded by Thomas Holloway. He was an extremely successful manufacturer and retailer of Holloway pills and ointment – patent medicines which were said to treat a wide variety of ailments. He had founded the Holloway Sanatorium,

Strode’s College

Strode’s School, Egham was founded in 1704 by Henry Strode. He came from a long established Egham family, who had a successful coopering business. Henry Strode became a Master of the Worshipful Company of Coopers in 1703, but sadly died